Current Developments

Welcome to Northumberland Properties' Current Developments, where the charm of rural living meets the excellence of our meticulous design. We take great pride in presenting these exceptional homes that exemplify the synergy between Northumberland's breathtaking landscapes and modern living.

Our current developments showcase the richness of rural life, offering not just homes but lifestyles that seamlessly blend with the beauty of the surrounding environment. Each property is a testament to our commitment to creating homes that are not only stunning but also environmentally conscious and energy-efficient.

As we stand proud of our current developments, we're equally excited about what the future holds. At Northumberland Properties, we have more extraordinary projects in the pipeline, waiting to bring innovation and excellence to the forefront. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as we continue to redefine rural living, making every residence a testament to the fantastic blend of Northumberland's allure and modern comfort. Your dream home awaits in our current developments, and there's even more greatness to come.

Land for sale

Perhaps you have land to sell, or you're a developer looking for your next site.