Shoreston Hall, Northumberland

Prepare to witness the transformation of a true Northumberland gem as Shoreston Hall embarks on a historic journey. Planning has been submitted for the conversion of this grand 18th Century Hall into a collection of luxurious homes, gracing the picturesque landscapes of Seahouses and Bamburgh.

Price List for Shoreston Hall

Plot and House Type Property Type Beds Price
72 Bungalow 4 Coming soon
73 Bungalow 4 Coming soon
74 Bungalow 4 Coming soon
75 Bungalow 4 Coming soon
78 Apartment 4 Coming soon
79 Apartment 4 Coming soon
80 Apartment 4 Coming soon
81 Apartment 4 Coming soon
82 Apartment 4 Coming soon

Shoreston Hall: A Heritage Revival

  • Secluded Serenity

    Nestled in a pristine rural location between Seahouses and Bamburgh along the captivating Northumberland coast, Shoreston Hall enjoys an idyllic setting with breathtaking views of the sea.

  • Heritage Restored

    Our vision is to utilise our expertise and heritage project experience to breathe new life into this grand hall. We aim to craft exceptional homes that seamlessly blend the benefits of contemporary homebuilding with the distinctive character of this historic treasure.

  • The Best of Both Worlds

    While Shoreston Hall offers the allure of open skies, sea vistas, and ample open space, it's also conveniently located just over a mile from the heart of Seahouses and a mere 15-minute drive from the A1.

  • A Heritage Housebuilder's Privilege

    As a specialist heritage housebuilder deeply rooted in Northumberland, we consider it a privilege to script the next chapter in Shoreston Hall's illustrious history.

The Developer

New build homes in Northumberland, built on history, to last.

Named after Ida of Bernicia, the first known ruler of the kingdom which later merged to form Northumbria, Ida Homes strives to deliver quality new build homes in Northumberland at bespoke residential developments across the county.

Northumberland is our home, and our vision is to continue to lead the way in delivering quality new homes and communities in this beautiful historic county. All of our developments are just a short drive from the rolling hills of the countryside, rural moors and farmland, as well as the castles and coves of the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Ida Homes is building a reputation for quality craftsmanship in idyllic locations across Northumberland with the help of our skilled team with decades of industry experience.

Our thoughtful designs, distinctive architecture and quality methods of construction help create unique new communities that act as an extension to the desirable locations in which we build, offering a seamless transition to the existing character of the area.

We have an established history of building new homes in the county and are constantly searching for the next opportunity.

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